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The First Phone Call From Heaven by Mitch Albom

A Publishers Weekly review by David Black: Albom (The Five People You Meet in Heaven) has a nose for thin places: places where the boundary between secular and sacred is porous, and ultimate meaning is easier to encounter. In his new novel, Coldwater, Mich., is this thin place, a town where people who have lost loved ones begin receiving phone calls from the dead in heaven. Sully Harding’s wife died while he was in prison, and their young son, Jules, hopes his mom will call, even while Sully smells a hoax. Albom weaves a thread of satire into a narrative braided from the lives of smalltown residents; Coldwater becomes a media hotspot as well as battleground for religious and antireligious zealots, all awaiting the revelation they expect. A historical thread—popping into the narrative like a change-up in baseball—deals with Alexander Graham Bell’s invention of the telephone and how the instrument came to be the premier human connector. This brisk, page-turner of a story climaxes at Christmas. Another winner from Albom; this book just about shouts

Olde Baldwin in Black and White – Sunday 15 Sep 2013, 1-5 PM

The Baldwin Historical Society is presenting a continual slideshow of several hundred glass negatives of Baldwin subjects never shown before on Sunday 15 Sep 2013 from 1-5 PM.  The show will be at the Brown Memorial Library in East Baldwin.  All the photos presented in the showing will be available for purchase as 8×10′s in black and white for $5 each.  There are photos of many town residents and their homes from the early days of photography.  You need to see them to appreciate the detail and quality of these old photos.  The slideshow will cycle through several times during the afternoon so you don’t need to get there at 1 PM to see them all.  Just drop in at your convenience and enjoy the presentation.

Donations to the Baldwin Historical Society appreciated.